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Every Story Matters

"The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing that someone else needs to open their heart to hope."  Unknown

Six weeks ago, after driving 5000kms fleeing domestic violence, I was left stranded knowing no one and ended up on doors wide opens door.


I was a blubbering mess and knew no one and had nowhere to go I was greeted by a beautiful lady named Michelle, who gave me the biggest hug and they have done nothing but go out of their way to support me and help me get accommodation, food, clothing.


They have given me nothing but support and made me feel good about myself again.


I am now in a place have two jobs and couldn’t be happier all thanks to these guys and all their support and now am volunteering for them. I regularly pop in to say hello and catch up with the awesome staff and great people who visit here and have their own stories to tell.


I strongly recommend anyone who needs help, support or just someone to talk to come in and say hello. they are great and helped me when no one else would. best place ever.


Thanks for everything you have done and still continue to do for me. I will be forever grateful and have made some great lifelong friends from here.


So, if you need help, I strongly recommend popping in.

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